BYV Business Listing

List your local business or service for “Free” on You will receive a line listing containing the your business name ,telephone number and suburb where the business is located. Free business listings will be loaded onto our alphabetical listing page within 72 hours of your form be lodged.*Note businesses must be in the defined Yarra Valley and Dandenongs region.Businesses outside this region will not be listed.

You can upgrade to a premium photo listing which includes photo,website address, email, mobile option ,business telephone and a 50 word description all for only a $45 membership fee. Upgrade by ticking the box below.

Membership of  Book Yarra Valley will allow you to promote discounts and offers to hundreds of local businesses, and also allow you to recieve promotions and select deals from the many tourism businesses who advertise on the (8) Book Yarra Valley websites.

*Please Note* Free line listing does not include 50 word business description or photo.