Book Yarra Valley Listing Payment

Monthly Front Page Feature – All Websites.

$62.73 +gst.

Feature your business for only $69 per-month.


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All Book Yarra Valley websites have Homepage Monthly Feature and Banner listings.


Homepage feature listing is $69 inc.gst. per month.


Banner listings are available across all BYV websites and pricing is on application.


Monthly feature Listings:   : Positions (1-8) $69 inc.gst         : Positions (1-8) $69 inc.gst    : Positions (1-8) $69 inc.gst     : Positions (1-8) $69 inc.gst  : Positions (1-8) $69 inc.gst


Note: Please leave a note in the Additional Information box  on the checkout page stating the Month and which Website/s you wish your feature homepage listing to appear on.
e.g.  November 2019.

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